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Washington County, Pennsylvania, Real Estate Dispute Attorney You Can Count On

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Real estate is complicated and incredibly demanding when forced to deal with, and understandably so. The laws that regulate and govern real estate transactions are detailed, constantly changing, and somewhat foreign to the everyday person. On top of this, real estate encompasses many subdivisions and is a point of intersection between several different aspects of society.

Think about it. For starters, there is residential real estate and commercial real estate, both with unique laws. Beyond this, there is a web of different relationships at play: renters, landlords, construction companies, government officials, and neighbors – just to name a few.

With so many facets and people involved in the space, it is only natural that real estate disputes arise. When they do, do not handle your case on your own. Without knowledge and experience, you risk incurring more costs regarding your money and time if you do, as you will have to quickly become an expert in things you have no formal training in. Don’t get bogged down learning a new profession – a combination of so many others – when you already have one to keep yourself busy with!

Instead, turn to Biernacki & Associates, P.C. We are two lawyers based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ready to serve your real estate needs – especially real estate disputes – in Washington County, Pennsylvania. With decades of experience practicing law, you can count on us as your real estate litigation attorneys to steer your case in the direction you need.

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Unpacking Real Estate Law

Real Estate Dispute Attorney, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Real estate law, also referred to as property law, is the section of the law that defines and regulates land and buildings. This may seem simple, but digging deeper, you will find that it can quickly become rather complex. Just as that may surprise you, so will how much we simplify everything for you if you partner with us. For starters, we’ll break this down further for you even now.

All property owners are affected by real estate law, whether or not they realize it. All types of real estate property, including homes, apartment buildings, storage facilities, and grocery stores, just to name a few, are subject to these laws. They specify things such as:

  • Ownership of property
  • The use of land
  • Zoning
  • Funding real estate transactions.
  • Relevant taxes
  • Environmental concerns
Some common cases we handle include disputes pertaining to:


These occur when parties disagree over a specific boundary dividing two or more real properties. Our team ensures you receive justice and a swift resolution when you find yourself in this situation. We draw on our skills in negotiation and research relevant documentation as necessary to that end.

Property Damage

If your home has been damaged, regardless of who did it or why, we go to bat for you as your residential real estate dispute attorneys when your case warrants bringing it to the legal system. No matter your situation, we strive to deliver justice and make you whole.


These disputes are known to become personal and even nasty at times. We don’t let that happen if you are our client. We maintain a professional demeanor and give equally sound guidance in line with both the spirit and letter of the law. Whether a dispute surrounding maintenance responsibilities, eviction, a security deposit, or late payment, we aim for prompt yet fair resolution.


Disputes are common in easements because of how they are structured. In them, one party can use another's property for specific purposes. Typical usage includes accessing a neighbor's property or utilities. When an easement's definition, scope, or termination is called into question, we deliver clarity and solutions.

And More

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What Makes Biernacki & Associates, P.C. Different?

Real Estate Dispute Attorney, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Our team wears all the hats – and has for years – that you would need to learn if you were to handle your real estate dispute case on your own. Try to imagine developing a strategy, counter argument, and mapping out all of the possible outcomes of your case. Don’t forget to retrieve and research the title of the property in question, as well as gather relevant evidence that will clearly show you are in the right.

Forgoing an attorney may appear to be the more economical choice on the surface, but beware: one trivial error can prove costly. Partnering with us may save you in the long run, and we strive to keep our prices reasonable to allow access to litigating real estate disputes to as many as possible. What's more, is that we handle not only residential real estate cases but also serve as commercial real estate dispute lawyers – an entirely different world.

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Biernacki & Associates, P.C.

If you are in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and are in a real estate dispute, contact us today. Continuing to put it off will not help! We will begin delivering solutions and getting you the results you need. Call us at (412) 557-7726 or send us a message to learn more!

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