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Real Estate LitigationProven Real Estate Litigation Experts

Buying or selling real estate is a rewarding yet demanding process that can very easily consume uncountable hours of your precious time. The real estate law firm at Biernacki & Associates, P.C  draws on its decades of combined experience to save your time and all the associated hassle while ensuring your transaction goes through with no problem.

Real Estate Litigation Services

Whether you are in need of a residential real estate lawyer or a commercial real estate lawyer, Biernacki & Associates, P.C. is prepared to serve you in the following areas:

Ownership Disputes

Real estate issues can so often devolve into your word versus the word of another. Biernacki & Associates, P.C.’s real estate lawyers mitigate these disputes when ownership is in question, ensuring you build out the most robust case possible and position yourself for success in the legal battle that may very well ensue.

Tax Sale Litigation And Tax Assessment & Abatement

Buying or selling real estate you intend to transact anyway can make for a friendlier tax bill come April if done correctly.

Biernacki & Associates, P.C.’s team based in Pittsburgh, PA, is equipped with the necessary command of the many particular and constantly changing rules pertaining to how much tax can be paid to dodge penalties to steer you in the right direction and ensure the most significant reduction of your tax burden possible. Many communities in the area, such as Washington, PA, have generous tax abatement agendas that we position you to take advantage of in full.

Real Estate Fraud

Biernacki & Associates, P.C.’s real estate litigation lawyers bring you sound counsel and representation based on their decades of combined experience when you are the victim of real estate fraud.

With this experience comes a vigor to scrutinize involved real estate transactions and spot several red flags that are likely indicative of fraud. State law has varying disclosure requirements for different types of transactions. This significantly plays into your ability to uncover the truth about these cases on your own – they are often difficult to crack on your own and sometimes even impossible.

These situations are never fun. We walk alongside you during this difficult time while fighting for your victory in court.

Feasibility Examination

The real estate lawyers at Biernacki & Associates, P.C. are ready to help you get the property of your dreams by bringing you extensive due diligence on the property. This service will significantly weigh in on your decision, primarily in giving you an idea of how realistic the property’s viability will be.

Contract Negotiations

Biernacki & Associates, P.C. ensures contracts you enter are clearly and lawfully constructed, assuring you success into the future with minimal issues.

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Contact Biernacki & Associates, P.C.’s team of residential and commercial real estate lawyers to learn more about how we can assist you in your real estate transaction today. We will leverage our experience and expertise to bring you the results you need and ensure the smoothest possible real estate transaction.

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