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“I enjoyed talking to this firm. He gave me a good amount of information that i would have not known unless i had called him. Even though i can not go through this firm because they are out of the area; where i am buying real estate , i would still recommend him because of his honesty and straight forwardness and willingness to give me information for free.”– Trisha Law

“Mr Biernacki called me within one hour of my having sent a question to him through his web site contact form. This was the first time I had contacted his office and I was so impressed at how quickly Mr Bernacki got in touch with me. His contact form was easy to use and allowed plenty of room for me to pose all of my questions. He gave me excellent legal advise and saved me from bumbling through the Allegheny County Real Estate Tax Re-assessment process on my own. Thank you , sir, your help was much appreciated.”– DORIS F.

“I would recommend this Firm to anyone needing legal advice or services pertaining to real estate. Mr. Biernacki worked quickly and provided excellent communication throughout the whole process.”– John A.

“I reach out to George for some help with an assessment I got slammed with after I just moved into my house and George made me feel comfortable and I felt confident in his abilities and boy did it pay off! Thank you so much for the great service.”– Janet T.

“Mary Bates and Greg Biernacki concisely and patiently explained the process, the preparation conducted, the gameplan, and then actually asked me my thoughts. She took my feedback, exited and entered the court room twice, and found a way to make it happen, obtaining a decision for a better amount than I discussed with her.

Sharp, patient, and all business. Her services will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

I will recommend her and her firm to my family members for any potential needs.”– J.

“Greg was extremely professional and helpful in settling our real estate issue. He spent time researching it and advising us on the outcome that would be best for us. He returned messages and emails in a timely fashion and followed up to make sure we were happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate attorney.”– Emily B.

“Offered great support and guidance when a larger firm didn’t want to take my case. Was able to work out a contingency agreement and get my property taxes reduced in the end. Would highly recommend.”– Wes R.

“Great service! Helped me appeal tax assessment and saved me a lot of money. I would recommend to anyone and if i ever need again in future will call.”– Denielle G.

“My property was assessed immediately after I purchased it by local school board. Neighbors suggested I use Gary’s firm. They lowered my tax bill around 500$ a year. Don’t ever accept your assessment. Call Biernacki and Associates to stand up for you”– Chris S.

“We received very short notice of an impending property tax raise. I called them, and they handled everything, including re-appealing the case months later for a further reduction. Very good service and attention to the case.”– Tim W.

“We got notice of a substantial property tax increase. Greg took our case to reduce the tax hike. He did all the required research and even appealed our case to further reduce the increase. We were very happy with the money he saved us, his professionalism, and taking the time to talk with us on the phone to explain things.”– Mike P.

“This was a long process but Greg and his team were very responsive, very helpful, and helped to get us the outcome we had hoped for. We are grateful!”– Zack D.

“Greg helps me settle different issues. He is very knowledgeable and insightful. I would highly recommend him.”– H Shi

“Excellent service. Very effective in appealing the real estate assessment. Highly recommended”– David C.

“Easy to work with, and they saved me a good bit of money on my real estate taxes.”– Jamie H.

“Excellent results from a tax appeal. Fast efficient professional service.”– Jake G.

“They did a great job reduced my property taxes I’ll save thousands!.”– Mike C.

“Fantastic law firm!! helped us tremendously with school property tax hikes.”-Jonathan B.
“Great Service and they got us a great outcome to our case!”– Michelle C.
“They offered great service and they worked with me and got my property taxes lowered when other tax attorneys did not think it was worth appealing my assessment.”– Joseph S.

“Great lawyer – Needed an attorney for a property tax issue. He was very knowledgeable and attentive. He was available when I called and took the time to explain the law in a way I could understand. Greg was successful with my case and even got more of my overpaid taxes back to me. Would defiantly call him again!”– Matt