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Settling an estate after you’ve lost a loved one can seem like an impossible task. Whether your loved one left explicit instruction, in a well drafted will, or has left you with no direction, most estates are settled through a legal process known as probate. Having a probate attorney guiding you will give you reassurance that the estate is carefully managed, while taking some of the load off the family during this challenging time.

The experienced probate attorneys of Biernacki & Associates have a deep understanding of the Pennsylvania probate laws. They can assist you in proving or disproving the validity of a will, as well as assist with administration and dissolution of an estate. Call (412) 557-7726 today to schedule a free consultation with a probate attorney.

Does A Small Estate Have To Go Through Probate?

For smaller estates with assets less than $50,000, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a simplified probate process. To initiate the process, the executor of the estate files a request with the local probate court for a simplified procedure.

If the deceased passed away without leaving a will, then assets that were in the deceased’s name only pass by intestate succession. Pennsylvania law indicates that assets be distributed between living family members, generally amongst children, spouse, parents, and siblings; favoring children and the spouse.

An experienced probate administration attorney can help direct your family through the probate and intestate process.

Do I Need To Hire A Probate Lawyer If There Is A Will?

If a family member dies with a will in place, it will need to go through the probate process. There are many nuances to settling an estate that can be overlooked. It is wise to have an experienced probate attorney guide you through the process, especially for larger estates.

The probate attorneys at Biernacki & Associates help settle estates by assisting the executor of the estate with tasks such as

  • isolating all estate assets for distribution,
  • coordinating appraisals of property as needed,
  • paying bills due and other debts,
  • preparing and filing court documents,
  • collecting life insurance proceeds,
  • calculating and paying out inheritance taxes,
  • computing and paying estate and income taxes,
  • managing an estate checking account, and
  • distributing final payment to beneficiaries after paying debts and taxes due.

Unfortunately, even with a will in place, it is possible for there to be disputes amongst family members. If needed, probate litigation lawyers are available to represent you.

Every probate case is unique, naturally the cost of probate will fluctuate based on the services required. During your free consultation, a probate attorney will review your needs and provide an estimate of services, along with a schedule of fees for your consideration.

Experienced Probate Attorneys, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The probate attorneys at Biernacki & Associates have years of experience guiding clients through the estate planning and administration process. They provide each client with a one-on-one, personalized strategy, to provide guidance and protect your interests. Contact them today for your free consultation.

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