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Reliable Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Real Estate Dispute Attorney

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Handling matters in the world of real estate is a juggling act. Regardless of the specific type of real estate, be it a boundary dispute or real estate fraud, like so many people, are required to wear countless different hats in order to do so successfully. The only problem is that you likely do not have any experience with the law relevant to your problem.

Where can you turn? Attempting to handle your issue on your own is possible – no law requires you hire an attorney – but is it effective? Is it worth your time? Hiring an attorney may seem expensive upfront, but will you end up spending more money in the end, going with what seems to be the cheaper route?

Biernacki & Associates, P.C. has your back, regardless of your understanding of real estate, financial savvy, experience with the law, or your exact circumstances. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have served Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area for decades.

Our attorneys, Gregory Biernacki, Esq., together with James A. Clayton, have over three decades of combined experience guiding clients just like you. We eventually expanded our practice to include much-needed real estate services that many unfortunately do not find as readily accessible in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, as other types of law firms. We use the experience we have in other practice areas to make our real estate litigation services even sharper, however possible.

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What Exactly Is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Dispute Attorney, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Real estate law is the area of law concerned with the regulation of real estate, or land and property – that is, buildings. While that may seem simple on the surface, like with any aspect of law, things can quickly become much more complicated than you might think. Have no fear, though – as your commercial real estate dispute lawyer or residential real estate dispute attorney, we step in and simplify things.

Putting it a little more specifically, real estate law defines and governs things such as:

  • Property ownership
  • Land use
  • Zoning
  • Financing real estate transactions
  • Taxes
  • Environmental concerns
This facet of the law affects all property owners, whether a home, apartment building that is rented out, warehouse, or restaurant. There are many types of issues in real estate law, some of which you may immediately recognize but others you may not. Common disputes in the real estate world include those related to the following categories:


When a neighboring property disagrees with you concerning the property marking your properties, we step in to resolve the issue in a just manner, using negotiation and deep dives into deeds to get to the bottom of it.


Arguments between landlords and tenants are extremely common. Regardless of the motivation, we stick to the spirit and letter of the law to steer your maintenance disputes, security deposit issues, eviction notices, and lease agreement worries, to name a few, in the right direction.


Contracts are critical when engaging in a real estate transaction. We ensure yours are clearly articulated, leaving little room for misunderstandings down the road while maintaining compliance with the law. We provide you with legally sound guidance when your interpretation is called into question and grounding to your side when a breach has occurred.

Property Damage

Damage can occur for a number of reasons. We help you when there is legal precedence for action on your part. Whether a neighbor intentionally damaged your property or a construction crew mistakenly did, we strive to deliver justice to you.


Defects as a result of an improper construction job, delays or ballooning costs that violate a contract, and disputes between your construction company and contractor or other party are far too common. We leverage our knowledge of the law to make sure you are positioned for success after your issue has gone through the legal system.

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Why Should I Partner With A Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Real Estate Dispute Attorney, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Handling your case on your own may seem like the cheaper option, but one small mistake can prove costly. With our experience and knowledge of the law, we steer you clear of this. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may even have to deal with multiple parties. With no prior experience disputing real estate law, this will prove near-impossible to successfully manage to do.

Now imagine developing negotiation strategies, counter arguments, potential outcomes, and pieces of evidence used not just once but multiple times – all while trying to hold down your normal day-to-day life.

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Putting off your issue subject to real estate law is only to your detriment. The cost to your finances and time will snowball later on. Don’t do this! Instead, consult with us to see how we can help turn your situation around. If you are in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, call us at (412) 557-7726 or send us a message today!

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