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Criminal Defense LawyerPittsburgh, PA Criminal Defense Law Firm Bringing Justice To All

Biernacki & Associates, P.C. offers an array of criminal defense services to ensure all throughout the area have access to a fair and just legal system. Our criminal lawyers understand full well that being charged with a crime is nerve-wracking. Adding the many complexities associated with the corresponding legal realities only makes your situation all the more stressful and burdensome.

Where We Help You In Criminal Defense Law

Our criminal defense lawyers leverage their combined decades of experience and expertise in Pennsylvania law to craft a robust legal defense and deliver the results you need in the following areas:

DUI Defense

While it may seem like a relatively innocent and light crime, driving under the influence often very quickly proves to be an exceptionally costly and involved charge with ramifications further reaching than may seem fair.

Our DUI defense attorneys offer consultation for individuals who decide to self-represent and representation for those who do not. Either way, we work to deliver the highest quality service that ensures you can get your charge reduced, if not altogether dropped entirely, and your life back on track.

Sexual Assault

We take all sexual charges seriously since that is exactly what they are. Sexual assault laws penalize several sexual acts done when consent is not given. We gather all evidence to build a sound and strong case. Do not risk having to register as a sex offender in places like Washington, PA. The many fines on top of this will greatly impact your life for the worse.

Probation Violations

Self-representing in a probation violation case is extremely difficult and oftentimes proves unsuccessful. Unfortunately, many probation violation charges simply come from miscommunication. We step in and significantly reduce your chances of being forced to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail for a relatively trivial technical violation.

Drug Charges

Whether charged with possession or sale, Biernacki & Associates, P.C.’s criminal defense lawyers defend you out of a conviction that you are innocent until proven guilty. We want to see you go completely free or face as little a penalty as possible. Depending on the drug and the amount in possession, you could face decades in prison and countless dollars in fees. Partner with a legal team you can trust and who will work as if it is their own life on trial. Do not forego legal representation – there is simply too much on the line.

Domestic Violence

Our hearts go out to those that are the victims of domestic violence and those falsely accused of it. We get to the bottom of your case and deliver the legal representation you need to get the harm you face lowered.

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Contact our team of criminal defense lawyers to discover how we can serve you in one of your times of greatest need today. We will listen to your story and develop a legal strategy tailored specifically to your needs with the goal of getting your life back.

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